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Colorado SEO Design Accredidations

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The design of your website is a critical aspect of your companies marketing. This maybe a potential customers first impression of you and your business. The old saying that you only have one shot to make a good first impression is applicable, so don't waste the opportunity. Most potential clients will do some research and compare several businesses in your industry before making a decision. On many occasions you can give a potential customer a reason not to continue searching your competition. We employ strategies that help to make your traffic "sticky" when they reach your website.

Getting a bunch of traffic to your website will not accomplish anything if the site isn't "right".  Studies have shown that your website has 5-8 seconds to make a positive impression before someone leaves or makes a decision to continue on. That is one reason why an aesthetically pleasing presentation is important. Once you get past the initial 5-8 seconds then your verbiage is going to be scanned and possibly read.   If the look and feel of your site isn't professional the visitor will be just hit the back button and find one of your competitors. If the site isn't worded in a way that fits the expectations of the visitor they will immediately abandon your site and go find your competition. This outlines the importance that your site is both aesthetically pleasing and powerfully worded.

I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things. — Lindon Leader

We create custom coded bespoke websites. We don't utilize a generic template or another designer's work. We will create a personalized site design that is appealing to both users and search engines. This approach will help your site to rank highly, attract visitors, and then convert those visitors into qualified leads.  All sites include a full content management system that is easy to use and let's the user add content easily through the back end of the system.  Training on how to utilize the system is also apart of the cost of your website.  

Investment for a bespoke website is normally $3,900 for small & medium sized businesses.  Terms of the arrangement can be discussed on and the phone and financing options are available.  We understand that this may be a significant investment for some small business owners, but we like to allow the monetary success of our SEO optimized websites to pay for themselves before the final payment is even close to being finalized.  For more complex larger scale projects please inquire for a custom quotation.

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