Colorado SEO Design Accredidations
Colorado SEO Design Accredidations

HVAC Contractor Case

A local HVAC contractor began working with us in 2011 and they are still currently a client.  We had an initial consultation and they were receiving very low traffic on their website and the traffic that was coming to the site was not converting into customers.  This was a tenuous time as revenue was down and they had just fired their previous internet marketing company for lack of results.  Even for industries as tough as HVAC we are always game for a challenge so we began working a Pay Per Click and SEO campaign simultaneously.  After a relatively short period of time it became evident that the current website was not helping visitiors convert into clients so we in addition to the PPC & SEO campaign we built a website to improve the conversion rates.  


  • Low Traffic
  • Low Rankings
  • Competitive Industry
  • Low Conversions


  • Create Successful PPC Campaigns
  • Execute Long Term SEO Plan
  • Build Optimized Website
  • A/B Testing & Landing Pages


  • 59.8% increase in organic search traffic
  • Over 300% increase in organic search traffic in first year.
  • Currently 9 results in top 10.  Zero keywords in top 50 results originally
  • Conversion Rates were under 6% in 2011
  • Conversion Rates are approximately 20% in 2017
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