Colorado SEO Design Accredidations
Colorado SEO Design Accredidations

Ophthalmologist Case

We began working with one of the largest ophthalmologist practices in the country in 2012 and they are still a client, because of the continued dedication and effort we provide.  The main issue they were having is they had low rankings and had done very well with offline advertising, but they wanted to leverage that success online as well.  Many smaller and less successful clinics were out performing this eight office practice.  They had consistently received high marks for their work, but that wasn't translating into online organic traffic.  They are also one of the largest cataract surgery providers in SWFL and also they had the lowest complication percentage so we wanted to make sure that search users were aware of these facts.  


  • Low Local Rankings for 8 offices
  • Non-Mobile Website
  • Low Organic Traffic
  • No cataract surgery conversions


  • Local SEO Campaign for Each Office
  • Build Integrated Mobile Website
  • Optimize site & build links/ citations
  • Targeted PPC campaign


  • Organic website traffic showed a 37.3% increase
  • 35% lower bounce rate on mobile devices
  • Dramatic Ranking improvement in SERP's for all local offices
  • Targeted Cataract Surgery leading to higher quality leads
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