Colorado SEO Design Accredidations
Colorado SEO Design Accredidations


When comparing prices you will find a huge range in the search engine optimization field.  We often see pricing that exceeds $2,000 per month which is borderline criminal for small and medium sized businesses.  Since we are a smaller business we are cognizant of cost factors that go along with running a business and we aren't out to make our livelihood by charging insane fees.  Unlike some services that are looking to only provide service for a few months and be gone, we are looking to partner with our clients for the long haul.  The search engine optimization game is a marathon and not a sprint and we want to help you run the best race.  To get additional information on any of the below services please contact us for a consultation.       

Local SEO: This search ranking package is focused on ranking in a local market. Local search is an offshoot of tradtional SEO and includes many different factors that aren't involved in traditional SEO. This package is almost always the starting point for most small and medium sized businesses. This option is essentially a requirement for any business struggling with local search. Pricing for this package is $575 in the first month and $325 in months two through twelve.  Local SEO is based on an annual contract.

Content Creation: This plan includes blog/ article writing for your websites blog. High quality written content has become a major factor for increasing your search engine ranking. This tactic should be a part of every site's long term search engine optimization strategy. This plan includes three quality blog articles per month and costs $350 per month.

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We are confident that you will see improvement. We gurantee that your Search Engine Rankings will improve within 6 months or you will get all of your money back.

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