Colorado SEO Design Accredidations
Colorado SEO Design Accredidations

SEO Ranking

Ranking well on Google and Bing search engines is a function of:

  • Ranking factors:  We understand the game and we continue to stay current with all of the changes to the search engines.  Google makes over 350 changes to it's ranking algorithm per year and we stay up on the latest developments.
  • Analyzing you website:  We need to get a thorough understanding of your current websites structure and the behind the scenes coding.  This helps to understand the areas of improvement needed.
  • Keyword Research:  Choosing the best keywords for your industry may seem obvious, but on many occasions people miss a large amount of important keywords for their industry.
  • Analyzing your competition:  Although we don't control the competition it is important to find out what they are doing to see if there are areas that we can exploit.
  • Devising a plan:  After we have done the research and analysis now we can create a custom plan for your business.
  • Implementation:  What good is a plan if it stays on the shelf?  :-)
  • Track Results:  In order to stay accountable to our plan it is important that we track our results. 
  • Tweak:  Over time the rankings begin to tell us a story about how our plan needs to evolve.  

Search Engine Optimization is a strategic long term process, because ranking improvements aren't achieved in a vacuum. As your site climbs the ladder that will mean that someone else is losing search engine ranking positon. No one likes to lose ranking position so your competition will attempt to regain lost position by changing their SEO strategy. We obviously can't control what your competition is doing which makes Search Engine Optimization a continuous evolution. Always remember your website's search engine rankings are either improving or regressing, they will never stay the same for long.  

Today it's not about 'get the traffic' - it's about getting the targeted and relevant traffic. — Adam Audette

SEO Expectations

Realistic Search Engine Optimization Expectations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long term marketing investment you make in your business. SEO is a broad term and it means different things to different people.

SEO Code of Ethics

SEO Code of Ethics

The discussion of any SEO Code of Ethics is like a discussion on politics or religion: there are more than two sides, all sides are strongly opinionated, and seldom do they choose the same path to the same end.

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We are confident that you will see improvement. We gurantee that your Search Engine Rankings will improve within 6 months or you will get all of your money back.

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